Celebrate a Holiday with a New Mattress

The dollar signs quickly add up when you go to buy a new mattress. This much for the actual mattress, that much more for the matching box spring that you have to have for the warranty, even more for delivery, a little more for disposal of your old mattress, and maybe you need a new mattress pad or bedding.

You can easily fly past your budget if you aren’t careful. One way to keep the cost down when purchasing a top rated mattress is to look for a sale.


Sale, Sale, Sale

Many furniture and mattress retailers plan sales around holidays and may offer steep discounts or other attractive features, such as requiring no money down or 0-percent financing for a couple years. They may also throw in free delivery, pillows or perhaps a box spring mattress.


These sales can be a great time to buy a mattress, such as a Tempurpedic model, that may exceed your budget at full price.


A holiday is also a good reminder that another holiday, such as Thanksgiving, may be just around the corner and this may be the year to finally spruce of your guest room with a new mattress. If you are buying for guest room, you may want to look for an adjustable-air mattress, memory foam, latex or another type of mattress that will work for a variety of people with different needs and sleeping positions.