When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?


Both the availability and price of mattresses vary depending on the time of the year. A mattress that sells for a much higher price at one point in the year may be much cheaper at another time. Here’s what you need to know about getting the best price for a mattress.

Something to Think About

You spend roughly eight hours, a third of your day, asleep. Those numbers add up to a third of your life. Isn’t that too much time to spend sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress? Doctors and chiropractors agree that the proper mattress enhances the quality of your sleep and can improve your health.


Before you start shopping though, check out online mattress ratings to see what other people have to say about a mattress you may be considering.


Summertime Time is Down Time

The summer months are a tough time to find a good price on a mattress because rates are especially high to increase earnings during a peak shopping period. Hotels tend to buy new mattresses during these times to better accommodate vacationers.


People also move during summer months and may opt to leave their old mattress behind and purchase a new one upon their arrival. Children are getting ready to go off to college, too, which can prompt parents to purchase mattresses for their new dorm rooms or apartments or to turn their rooms into guest rooms.


All these factors make summer a difficult time to find a good mattress deal. Even if you find a mattress on sale during these months, the price may have inflated prior to the sale and you won’t actually be saving much.


The Magic of the First Quarter

There is a lull in mattress sales during the first quarter of each year. The next year’s models may already be on the market, lowering the price on older ones, and increasing the range of options you can consider.


If you can’t shop in the first quarter and want the newest model, try May as that’s when retailers tend to highlight the latest innovations.